Diploma in Legal Studies

COURSE DESCRIPTION This online Diploma in Legal Studies course from International College gives you the opportunity to study key subjects in legal studies, greatly increasing your understanding and knowledge of legal systems and related procedures and practices. You will review the types of law and how they are created, how the adversary legal system operates, and what types […]

Project Management Professional (PMP)

LEARNING OUTCOMES As a PMI-registered education provider, ESS has the qualifications to guide participants through the PMP certification process. This includes offering a PMP preparation course that provides candidates with the knowledge they need to successfully pass the PMP exam. The course credits may be applied toward the project management education requirement of the PMP certification.  


This online business course will teach you how large-scale organizations are managed, the structures and objectives involved, and how to evaluate a company’s performance by using key performance indicators (KPIs). You will be more aware of business management styles and the environmental factors management should consider. You will know the function of human resource managers, […]

Human Resources Diploma

On the other hand, we denounce with righteous indignation and dislike men who are so beguiled and demoralized by the charms of pleasure of the moment, so blinded by desire.

Web Business Development and Marketing

Upon completion of this course you will be able to create a website. You will understand web design concepts such as domain name, hosting, name servers and web editors. You will gain a good knowledge of images, text and the color aspects of a website. You will know how to publish your website. You will […]