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What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is mainly concerned with training computer systems and machines, such as robots, to behave like humans. They can then perform tasks that typically require human intelligence, like decision making, speech recognition and translation. Much like people, they even ‘learn’ from their experiences and get smarter over time.


When you study an Artificial Intelligence degree, you’ll learn how these systems work, and how to develop and maintain them yourself.


Artificial Intelligence is relevant to many different interests

Whether we’re aware of it or not, AI is already at work in most of what we do. That means that whatever your interests, an Artificial Intelligence degree could give you a better insight into your hobbies, and even help you improve!


For instance, AI technology is used in sports to monitor health, boost performance and help improve technique. Or, if you’re interested in fashion, you can use artificial intelligence to find clothes you like and try on outfits virtually.


If you like to write, AI can help you refine topic ideas, do basic research and choose the best words. Plus, everyone with a smart phone knows how filters can improve your photos. A better understanding of Artificial Intelligence could help to make you a better photographer and improve your Instagram game.


Finally, while Artificial Intelligence is closely related to Computing and Engineering, you can also look at the implications of AI through a philosophical lens with degrees like the University of York‘s master’s in Philosophy of Artificial Intelligence, which investigates the social, political and ethical questions raised by AI.

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