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When considering an entrepreneurial career, the first degree likely to come to mind is Entrepreneurship. As this is a very specialized subject, this is a great degree to take if you are certain that you want to eventually start your own business. 

You will learn about the process of growing a business and creating a product out of an idea. The degree will involve analyzing what a business needs in order to generate economic growth, and you’ll learn skills that you can use to transform society for the better. 

There is no doubt that this degree will help put you on the right track to becoming an entrepreneur, and many of our partner universities offer undergraduate and postgraduate Entrepreneurship degrees. 

international collage takes it further by offering multiple, more specific degrees within the field  Entrepreneurship and Technology Entrepreneurship and Management.

In the UK, the international collage also has different kinds of Entrepreneurship degrees, including ones that focus on International Marketing and International Business. 

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