Health Care Project Management

Health Care Project Management

Improve your Operational Effectiveness with Health Care Project Management Skills

In health care, clinical and administrative staff with no formal training in project management often end up leading project teams. These individuals may be subject matter experts, but likely have only a passing knowledge of the science of improvement. To move from ideas to results, these project leaders need formal training in project management.

Health Care Project Management provides the training health care professionals need to improve the quality of care at their organization through projects delivered on time and within budget.

This course equips you with both the tools and strategies to effectively manage projects in any health care organization. In just a few days, participants will greatly improve their ability to provide focused and strategic leadership to their current and future projects.

The program uses experiential activities and case studies to weave together the topics of project management, creating and managing teams, delegation, motivation, conflict resolution, and negotiation to generate maximum results.

This is the course to take to master the “people side” of project management.


To qualify for your official IC program, Certificate you must study and complete all modules and score 80% or more in each of the course assessments.

  • Gain experience with the steps involved in the project management process and adapt the stages to address the nuances within a variety of health care settings
  • Use case study exploration to examine how project management techniques can be leveraged as process improvement tools
  • Learn and practice strategies to navigate the interpersonal dynamics that emerge between and among the roles of clinical and administrative leaders/staff with specific focus on managing conflict and successful negotiation as it pertains to the project management arena
  • Identify and examine methods that maximize communication among audiences with a stake in project outcomes


Health Care Project Management develops both the project management skills needed to improve health care delivery and the people management skills to create an effective project management environment.

Participants explore the topics of creating and managing teams, delegation, motivation, conflict resolution, and negotiation in order to more effectively engage stakeholders and build support for project outcomes. Technical project management skills are layered on top of these topics to ensure project effectiveness.

The sessions’ dynamic model is designed to provoke discussion, build foundational skills, and initiate practical ways to apply lessons learned.

Experiential activities and case studies allow participants to exchange ideas with a diverse group of classmates, practice the project management skills gained during the program, and apply tools to their projects.

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