Human Resources Diploma

Human Resources Diploma

Human resources (HR) plays a key role in modern organizations and businesses, be they private sector, public sector or voluntary. IC free online human resources diploma course covers diverse topics in HR, from the role of the human resources manager and how to recruit, select, train and assess employees, to employee motivation, employee-employer relations, and how to manage change within an organization.


To qualify for your official IC program, Certificate you must study and complete all modules and score 80% or more in each of the course assessments.


This course will teach you the responsibilities of a human resource manager. It will help you to understand the recruitment, selection and appraisal processes. You will gain knowledge of different cultures and ethics. This course will also help you to manage change within an organization and demonstrate the best ways to manage employees.

1: Human Resources Management

2: HR Consultants

3: Job Design and Pay

4: Recruitment Process

5: Selection Process

6: Interview Techniques

7: Training and Appraisal

8: Business Culture

9: Business Ethics

10: Employee Motivation

11: Employee Relations

12: Managing Change

Human Resources Final Assessment

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