Diploma in Legal Studies

Diploma in Legal Studies

This online Diploma in Legal Studies course from International College gives you the opportunity to study key subjects in legal studies, greatly increasing your understanding and knowledge of legal systems and related procedures and practices.

You will review the types of law and how they are created, how the adversary legal system operates, and what types of legal procedures there are.


To qualify for your official IC Diploma, Certificate you must study and complete all modules and score 80% or more in each of the course assessments.


 Upon completion of this legal studies online course, you will know the characteristics of effective laws. It will help you to understand the difference between civil and criminal law. Laws are continuously changing; this course will inform you about the methods used to change laws and the reasons for such changes. The role a judge has in making laws is essential to understanding the different aspects of law-making within the courts. You will be more aware of the relationship between the various law-making bodies and learn of the adversary trial system, court hierarchy, the jury system, and civil and criminal procedures.

  • Characteristics of effective laws
  • Civil and criminal law
  • How and why the law changes
  • How do judges make laws?
  • Relationships between law-making bodies
  • The Adversary trial system
  • The Court hierarchy
  • The Jury system
  • Civil procedure
  • Criminal procedure
  • Civil cases and criminal disputes
  • Assessment

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